My name is Cecily Clements.

I help undocumented immigrants achieve lawful status through consular processing (waivers) without fear or confusion.  

I work with couples of mixed status where one individual is a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident, and the other is undocumented.

I can help you petition for the undocumented spouse to obtain legal status.

I am a fluent non-native Spanish speaker, and conversational in French.

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Let's turn a challenging circumstance into a positive future for your family.

I am committed to guiding my clients through the immigration process, always encouraging you to take charge of this part of your life, while supporting you through it with expertise, compassion, and clear communication.

I consular processed my husband when we were first married, then later his parents (once my husband became a U.S. citizen), and I’ve done the same for hundreds of other couples.

I can help you face your fears, make decisions that move you forward, and together we can turn an adverse circumstances into a positive for your family’s future.

I cannot sing her enough praises. My wife and I feel she is the reason our process went smoothly and stress-free.

Cecily was professional and clear from the beginning in terms of what she could do for my wife and I. She gave us wonderful advice of what to expect with every step of the process.

She also kept us informed on the best case scenario and worst case scenario at all times, as well as where on the spectrum she expected us to fall. When a period of time went by with no new information, she advocated for us and got results, which was particularly impressive!

I would recommend her to anyone dealing with immigration, as she knows the law and has personal experience which was invaluable to my wife, who had a lot of anxiety surrounding our case.

—Manuel V.

You may be existing in a state of almost constant stress and anxiety.

Even if you aren’t focusing on the immigration issue in your marriage, it’s in the background, coloring/affecting every thought, plan, and dream you have about your current and future life.  

You may be constantly afraid that with one wrong move you could be separated forever.

When your spouse is undocumented it makes things really hard. 

You are likely always scared they could be picked up and deported.

You may have a lot of pressure on you as the parent and bread-winner, because you may be the one with the ability to work fully and leverage your education, sign papers, have bank accounts, and drive without fear of being pulled over and detained.  

My wife and I found Cecily incredibly sincere, knowledgeable and mainly passionate for what she represents.

She streamlined our case with such ease and determination that I was able to bring my wife and daughter home after waiting two years with another immigration lawyer. I owe her so much for what she has done for us.

She is truly a first class lawyer!

—Jim and Dulce, San Mateo CA

You know any given day could be a disaster.

Mundane things, like dropping your kids off to school, or driving to the grocery store, could become your family’s worst nightmare if something goes wrong.

One client from several years ago was detained two blocks from his kids' school. He had just dropped them off and was on his way to work when ICE pulled him over and detained him. It's an extreme example, but it does happen.

The constant threat of the unknown is the most difficult part.

Constantly wondering if your spouse will be caught in an immigration raid at work, or pulled over by police and then handed over to ICE. You fear hearing the phone ring or getting an emergency message because it might be the dreaded news that your undocumented spouse has been detained by immigration.

The complex legal process does not make it any easier.

The details of the legal immigration process are complex and frustrating. You are aware that some people have to go back to their home country to obtain legal status in the U.S.

  • You don’t want to be separated from your spouse for an extended period of time.
  • You don't want to put your kids through a separation from their parent.
  • You fear that if your spouse goes to their home country, they may never come back.

It may feel so daunting you are really tempted to ignore the problem all together!

I think everyone should have a lawyer like Cecily. Not every case is easy, but everyone should feel as though the lawyer is 100% committed to them - and that is how Cecily makes you feel.

When I first came to Cecily, I was in a desperate situation. My previous lawyer had done almost nothing on my case, and had told me that I had no hopes of winning. Cecily took over and immediately I felt so much better.

She was honest with me and told me that my case was difficult, but she also had a positive attitude and did whatever she could to help me. I could tell that she was going to fight for me. Today I am so happy to say that my case was granted!!

I feel so grateful for Cecily's hard work. She has given me a chance at a new life. I cannot recommend Cecily enough; she is not just a lawyer but also your friend. She makes you feel as though you are special and she takes the time to really understand your case.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation or you want good advice, call Cecily. You won't regret it.

—Lazaro, Novato, CA

While focusing on the scary parts doesn’t feel good, the threat is real and valid and needs to be taken seriously.

Thoughts of these risks are likely keeping you up at night—and for good reason!

Is it time to get the support you need to resolve this issue for good?

If you’re ready to get started, you can book a consultation with me after filling out this questionnaire:

Imagine a future where everything has changed—your spouse has a green card.

Can you imagine... 

  • Feeling the immense relief of safety?
  • Trusting you can keep your family together?
  • Traveling and visiting your in-laws and extended family?

Your spouse would be able to...

  • Apply for whatever job they want
  • Leverage the full education they received in their home country
  • Feel confident in their ability to contribute to the household
  • Have a driver’s license, pick up the kids, and sign legal papers!
If you're stressed out, feeling desperate and confused, don't worry there is someone that can help. I was in the same situation. I worried about losing my wife and my family and being sent back to Mexico. But Cecily Clements changed all that.

Deciding to work with Cecily was the best decision of my life. Before meeting her I was confused about the immigration laws and had no clue how to go about getting legal status. 

I can't thank her enough for what she has done for my wife and I. She is an amazing lawyer and I'm glad I put my trust in her. She gave me a future to look forward to.


Neither of you have to live in fear.

You can have peace knowing that your family will not be separated.

This feeling is priceless.

About Me

Cecily + Husband

I am on the left in this photo, a WASPY city-girl, born and raised in San Francisco, and that’s my husband on right, the son of indigenous farmers raised in a small, rural town in Central Mexico.

Hi, I'm Cecily Clements. I am an attorney based in California, who helps U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents petition for their undocumented spouses to obtain legal status. 

When I was in my twenties I found myself married to a wonderful, intelligent, and accomplished man, who was also undocumented.

My husband had worked tirelessly since the age of fifteen to send money to his family in Mexico. He had put himself through college and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. He had so much potential and no way to capitalize on it.

I spent countless hours worrying, wondering what to do, and trying to figure out how to get him legal status so he could continue to pursue his dreams in the United States.

My husband and I went through the ordeal of consular processing, and he is now a U.S. citizen, we have three children, and we have bought a house.

Facing his immigration status changed our entire lives.

My husband the day he became a citizen.

I am an immigration attorney with sixteen years of experience helping non-citizens apply for lawful status in the United States.

I serve married couples who are of mixed status and whose only option for regularizing the status of the undocumented spouse is consular processing.

I consular processed my own husband when we were first married, as well as my in-laws. I have done hundreds of these cases and know them inside and out.  

I bring a level of compassion, attention to detail, and expertise to this process that is unlike other attorneys because I have been through the process myself. 

I am a fluent non-native Spanish speaker, and conversational in French.

Cecily brought such trust that I was able to talk to her about my immigration status, something that I never talked about to anyone because of fear of being rejected by my peers.

Thanks to her expertise and recommendations I can say that we have a bright future ahead of us to be successful and provide our daughters with a positive future.

Cecily was always clear with our case and talked to us with lots of confidence that never let us doubt her professionalism. Cecily was very prompt in responding all my phone calls, emails, and always kept us informed every step of this journey.

Cecily has brought so much happiness and peace to our family by helping us adjust our immigration status that I will never stop thanking her for all her hard work,

—Amparo M.

This is what makes working with me unique - I have been in your shoes - and I understand this process from the perspective of both lawyer and client.

Unlike most lawyers, I have personally experienced the three components of a visa interview at an embassy. 

When my husband’s parents applied for their visa, I was with them in Ciudad Juarez, and was able to go to all of their appointments:

  • The fingerprint appointment where they take the applicant’s fingerprints and photo;

  • The medical exam where they assess the applicant’s health and mental fitness - a critical component to qualifying for the visa; and

  • The visa appointment during which they interview the applicant and decide if the person is eligible to receive their visa.  

I do this work because I know what it feels like to be in your situation.

I am committed to helping as many couples and families as I can discover the peace, freedom, and excitement for the future that my husband and I were able to achieve once he became a lawful permanent resident.

Most importantly, I understand what needs to be done to make the case successful and make the process as painless as possible for you. 

If you’re ready to get started, you can book a consultation with me after filling out this questionnaire:

How We Help

Legal Services for Consular Processing 

RootMigration provides compassionate, clear, and supportive direct legal services for consular processing cases where a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident is petitioning for their undocumented spouse to immigrate lawfully to the United States.  

You may be familiar with the term ‘consular processing’ - where your spouse has to go back home to get their visa. Your spouse may have a ten year bar, and need a waiver. 

I am a fluent non-native Spanish speaker, and conversational in French.

I want to help you win your waiver case to allow your spouse to live freely and fully in the United States as a lawful permanent resident so they can achieve their full potential in this country. 

You’ve probably tried many things already.

You may have talked to other attorneys who discouraged you from doing a waiver case, claiming it’s really hard, or that your spouse will get stuck in their  home country.

You may have tried getting fake work documents, an ITIN, and an AB60 Driver’s License (driver’s license for undocumented people in California).

The problem is none of this replaces the genuine security and peace of mind that comes from actually having lawful status in the U.S., a REAL ID, and a valid social security number.  

She helped us make sense of confusing immigration law and she made a process that felt overwhelming much more manageable.

We were so scared to start this process and Cecily expertly guided us through, easing our fears and making us feel more confident. Most importantly, Cecily put together a solid case for us that got us the results we so desperately wanted - a green card!

Not only is she an incredible lawyer, but she is also extremely friendly and easy to work with. Her engaging personality and excellent work ethic are an amazing combination. We are so grateful that we found Cecily! She made our dreams come true and our family could not be any happier!

—Megan G.

The best thing to do is to confront the situation head on, and deal with it. 

When my husband and I were thinking about doing a case, we were told by several attorneys that we could wait for the law to change.

That was in 2003.  It is now 2023 and the law has not changed!

If you allow the unknowns of the waiver process to dictate your life, you will always live in fear. 

My husband has established his career in the United States and we have built a life together that we are proud of.

Your fear - while completely understandable - can cause you to want to stick your head in the sand.

I want to encourage you to NOT allow fear to dictate your life.

You need to take action and do what’s necessary to get your spouse lawful status - for your own peace of mind, for their independence, for your children, and for your future.

Photos of Us & My In-laws Enjoying Time With Their Grandchildren

None of this would have been possible had we not faced my husband's status.

5 of us selfie on my 40th birthday

All 5 of us on my 40th birthday

In-laws with three kids - portrait

My in-laws with all three kids.

Mother in law with all three kids

My mother-in-law with all three kids.

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